Sunday, December 30, 2012

Goodbye Twinkies

Looking back on 2012, losing the Hostess Twinkie was a traumatic event at my house. You've read in previous posts about my "8 year old husband" and he has the palate to match. Mr. Rock loved Twinkies. He ate them for breakfast on early morning road trips. He picked them up at 7Eleven when he bought a Sunday paper. He loved sharing them with our grandgirls. When we heard that Hostess was going bankrupt, he underestimated how quickly the store shelves would empty. He never even got a chance to say goodbye.

So Mr. Rock is sick this week; in fact he's sick at New Years EVERY damn year - what's up with that!? Anyway, I made a Walmart run for supplies; Dimetapp, vaporizer, chicken soup, and a loaf of bread for more grilled cheese sandwiches. Then I saw them...mocking me from the Little Debbie section. Cloud Cakes, huh? I'm a lifelong Little Debbie devotee...I trust them explicitly but I knew my snotty, whiney, and feverish Hubs would resist. I wondered if he'd cheat on the memory of his favorite snack so soon or even try them at all. I bought them.

As I unpacked the grocery bags he stood by - sniffing, hacking, and being pitiful because I wouldn't let him help unload the car. I gingerly showed him the box and used my best Mom face. You know the face you activate when you're trying to convince an 8 year old to try something new? He chuckled, which made him cough, as he closely surveyed the box. I opened it, handing him a Cloud Cake, hoping for the best. Opening the wrapper, he peeled it like a banana and sniffed the cake. Taking the tiniest bite, he shifted his eyes back and forth inquisitively, chewing ever so quickly. His eyes lifted to meet my hopeful gaze and he said "Hey, these aren't bad."

There you have it - an expert food review from the biggest Twinkie fan in the world. He decided that the Cloud Cakes aren't as fluffy as his beloved cream filled sponge cake, but the taste is nice and the filling just right. And as I finish this post, I hear him opening his 2nd Cloud Cake to accompany some orange juice for a sick boy brunch.

"And if you can't be with the one you love
Honey love the one you're with."
Stephen Stills

Later the same day...As we continue our "Stuck in the House, Hubs is Sick" movie marathon today, Brad Pitt's character in "Moneyball" slams down a Twinkie. Mr. Rock winced and giggled sadly.


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  1. NO joke I was singing that song in my head before i read those lines!!! LOL And yes I know the pitiful hubs face as well as the ever vital Mom face. So sweet Rose. Glad to hear the positive review! haha Great irony there with Moneyball and Brad Pitt's Twinkies. LOL Too, too funny.


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