Monday, January 6, 2014

Motherhood, The Best Club on Earth

Almost 3 years ago, I participated in my 1st meme blog challenge hosted by Jennifer at her blog, PerfectlyImperfectJenn. In the last 3 years, she got engaged, then married and now she and her gorgeous husband Allen are expecting their first baby, Betty Leigh, in just a handful of days. No one can prepare a woman to join The Best Club on Earth but I thought I'd offer Jenn a few tips.

1. At the hospital, don't worry - they've seen it all. Seriously, the staff doesn't care about your lady bits or preggers chub - just think of them as mechanics, working on a fine automobile.
2. Please don't hold it against Allen if he'd rather stay at your head when Betty is born. If he doesn't want to cut the cord, that's okay too. He's under enough pressure already.
3. When Betty is born, she might have puppy breath and as a dog lover, you'll find it just as precious as I did when my baby girl was born.
4. If you choose to breast feed, it won't come naturally, weird huh? For most women I know, it's hard at first. Take advantage of the nursing coach as much as possible. If you choose to bottle feed, don't let anyone make you feel less in any way.
5. When you're at the hospital, don't be afraid to ask people to come back later if you need the rest. Entertaining visitors takes it out of you. You'll feel great one minute and the next minute, you feel like a train hit you.
6. Your body is getting ready to do amazing and disgusting things - just go with it. You might even laugh at some of it. Oh yeah, don't be afraid to poop for the first time, just relax and take however long you need.
7. After Betty is born, your belly will still be like a bowlful of jelly, for quite a's okay.
8. When Allen offers to help and I know he will, let him. I repeat, let him! He won't do things like you do and Betty may even end up with clothes on backwards but praise him for his help...or he'll quit offering.
9. For the first month, no matter what, no matter the house work, no matter the dinner, no matter WHAT - sleep when Betty sleeps. You have to pinky swear on this one, I mean it! 
10. And finally, trust yourself as a Mommy. Sometimes you need to just put down the parenting books, take everyone's advice with a (fake) smile on your face - and then do what Betty needs. You've never been a Mommy and she's new at this whole baby thing, so you're perfect for each other already.

Welcome to the Mommy Club Jenn! You'll be a great addition to the best club on earth.



Kelly Taylor said...

Great advise. You'll be happier if you follow it :)

Marie Wreath said...

How perfectly beautiful and bittersweet to read this advice. I second every motion, Rose, most especially the sleeping advice. This is a swift season, and it needs soakign up. Congratulations to you both!! xoxo

Rose Marie B said...

Kelly, thanks so much for reading and leaving a comment on my blog. It is now 2014...when are we gonna get together and have coffee and gossip? Looking forward to it & you know where to find me.


Rose Marie B said...

Marie, thank you for your comment. Can you believe it's been so long since we were new Mommas? Funny how I could feel it, just like it was yesterday as I wrote this post.

Love ya,

Jo-Anne Meadows said...

Guess what at times we hear great advice and if we follow the advice all is good if we tune it out and don't follow it all may not be so good.........just saying

Rose Marie B said...

Jo-Anne, you are SO right! lol