Thursday, April 9, 2015

Writer's Workshop: Today I Will...

It's Thursday and in my blog world that means Writer's Workshop from Mama's Losin' It. Thanks for the inspiration Kat. I'm trying to re-establish a blogging schedule and these prompts help me SO much. This week I chose "Today I Will..." and here are my Top 5.

  • Today I will give myself permission to imagine possibilities and put away doubts. I need to find my shout again. 

  • Speaking of finding my shout, today I will learn how to embed the amazing clip from Super Soul Sunday, using the HTML tab. Hallelujah!

  • Today I'll let go of my work frustrations from the last 4 days. I was reminded that the sting of rejection and vulnerability is something you never outgrow. I've endured actual life problems...this little bullshit situation wasn't worth the tears I shed on Monday.

  •  Tonight I will text my sister "Have you made your list yet?" We always write a packing list for any trip; this time its visiting my Mom for the weekend. Every little detail, down to the number of underwears, crossed off as we shove everything into our overnight bags. (I love the word underwears.)

  • Today I will say prayers for my gifts, for my wildest dreams, and for my friends who could use a few more whispers to the Universe on their behalf.

Today I'm grateful for the chance to express my feelings about my Oklahoma Lifescape.


Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Words (On a Digital Billboard) Wednesday

Instead of Wordless Wednesday -let's spice it up a bit today.

Every so often Lamar Advertising Oklahoma City features quotes from local Twitter accounts.

Today my name was in lights on billboards around the metro area.

This feels like a nod from the universe to continue being my creative, goofy self and boy, did I need that this week.

Thanks Lamar, #LoveYaMeanIt!

Oklahoma City, Twitter
I sure hope we don't need to test our storm outfits today.

Monday, April 6, 2015

The OKRoserock Marriage Reviews a Book

The OKRoserock Marriage Backstory

In December of 2013, I decided my marriage had slid into a seven year ditch. There was no seven year itch, neither one of us were going anywhere; but I was painfully aware that I was sloshing around in a personal pit of restlessness and martyrdom. I started to take score and criticize everything he did, silently. I didn't know how to ask for what I needed. My only certainty was this state of being wasn't good enough for us and we needed to make some changes.

A close friend suggested Dr. Gary Chapman's The 5 Love Languages test, to get some clarity about ourselves and the love languages that work best for us. Hubs was totally on board and I'm so grateful to him for being willing to splash around in the muck with me and for us. The test results opened a refreshing dialog between us and in mid-March, we attended a couples seminar recommended by another good friend. (Thank goodness for my friends and their suggestions!)

In January of this year, I won free tickets to a Dr. Gary Chapman workshop and it was great! Acquiring a few tools to help us communicate better, we had fun with the standard role playing scripts "So what I hearing you saying is..." and we continue to make our relationship our favorite priority. 

Marriage isn't just the 'I Do' -it also includes, but is not limited to 'I don't want to,' 'I'm sick of you,' and 'what would I do without you?'

Today's Blog Topic and What's In It For You!

I tell you all of this because as an Oklahoma Women Bloggers member, I jumped at the opportunity to celebrate the one year anniversary of the publication "Creating True Agape: 20 At Home Dates" by Cassie Celestain of

*Disclaimer - Cassie provided a free copy of the book to me in return for my review. This post is totally Hubs' and my opinion - we had a blast on our first at home date!

Through Cassie's work with married women, she found a communication gap between wives and husbands. Determined to facilitate a creative way to broach important topics of a life and especially married life, Cassie created 20 at home date ideas, keeping the 5 Love Languages in mind and  "designed to cultivate communication, intimacy and growth." 

This isn't a digital book full of ways to fix you or your spouse; rather a collection of date activities to challenge your creative side and your open heart. What does your dream house look like? What would you do with a million dollars? "Facing Our Fears" or working on a "Service Project" - these are just a few of the activities that you'll find. Some activities call for colored pencils or magazine picture collages, others take advantage of the time spent doing ordinary, daily tasks to form a stronger marital bond.

Here's a free sample of Creating True Agape: 20 At Home Dates, just for you, from Cassie. 

Order your digital copy today at Creating True Agape: 20 At Home Dates  and use the case sensitive promo code Happy1Year for a 50% discount - this little jewel will cost LESS than $5 but this offer is good only through April 30, 2015.

We highly recommend "Creating True Agape: 20 At Home Dates" and look forward to going on 19 more dates like this, thanks to Cassie. If you're an oldy-wed couple like us, take a chance! I say step out of your comfort zone and have some fun. This would make a great gift for newlyweds too - I know a couple who'll be getting a copy from me in October. 

Our Date Recap

Since we've been decluttering in 2015, I tossed all the old magazines last month so we chose date #14 "Cook A Meal." We crafted the menu of an Easter meal for 2 as we drove home after a Thunder game. After stopping for groceries, we got right to work -- me in the kitchen, Hubs at his beloved Traeger Grill. 

Together we drummed up a new technique for green beans on the grill and they were really good, for our first try.

Here's the blurry moment after Hubs tasted the beans and did his happy dance. Dear co-workers of his who may read this post (and you know who you are)...please don't make too much fun of him for this face. I know you don't see this expression too much at the office, but if you tasted our beans, you'd do the same dance, I promise! 

I wanted to include a classic from my childhood so here's our bread of choice.

The finished plate was delicious and helped ease the pain of the Thunder loss, just a little bit. The deviled eggs were awesome, if I do say so myself.

I had sweet potatoes, he had Russet and NO deviled egg!
After we ate, we discussed the questions provided with the date plan. We talked for 45 minutes straight, no TV or social media, just us. We ate dessert, laughed and learned several new things about each other; although I still can't understand why he eats his cobbler and ice cream with a fork. 

I scraped my bowl clean...I guess you can't do that with a fork.
Thanks so much to Cassie for the opportunity to review her work and to the Oklahoma Women Bloggers for making the connection. You're both a real blessing to me.

Grateful for our marriage and taking good care of it everyday (well, almost every day),
Mr. and Mrs. B