Thursday, November 20, 2014

Blogging By The Numbers

**Disclaimer - The following post contains links to a few of my favorite things in Oklahoma City and I have NOT been compensated to brag about them; I just LOVE them.**

Two Thursdays ago, I made the mistake of publishing a blog title with no post, but my friend Jo-Anne left a comment and I actually got a +1 on Google+ so I decided to leave it up.

The blog prompt that I planned to use was a challenge from the always delightful Kat Bouska to write a 12 line post; a perfectly painless way to dip my toe back into my sad, neglected excuse for a blog.

A new blogger's BFF
Although the blog I posted had no body, the idea of blogging by the numbers intrigues me. It's a refreshing blog challenge of my own creation and because I've always been sort of a weird, numbers person...I love it!

So for now, I'll challenge myself to write blog posts composed of the number of sentences that coincide with the day of month on which I'm posting it. Today is the 20th, so here we go! (For those of you who may be counting, that's 8 sentences so far, including my disclaimer and this silly side note, but excluding photo captions.)

This year, I was unusually excited for my birthday. It was jammed packed with adventure and Hubs tried to tease me about it; he actually thinks you only get a birthDAY to celebrate, but I wasn't having any of it.

With several Kellys in my life, I need nicknames.

On Friday, "Aeronautics Kelly" aka #79 from this post back in April treated me to lunch and gave me the most delicious gift of Karamella Toffee - made right here in Oklahoma City.

Go buy this for the coffee lover in your life, now!
Friday night, Hubs and I went to our first Oklahoma City Thunder game of the season and took this selfie to commemorate the 13th anniversary of our 1st date...I'm ridiculously sentimental about this man.

#WeAreThunder (dorks)
On Saturday, my "Friend Jennifer" (not to be confused with "Boss Jennifer") took me to Vintage Market Days and I bought myself birthday presents. Later, we had lunch at The Mule; luckily we had to wait for a table so we went across the street for a dessert-first event at Pie Junkie, coconut cream for the win!

Saturday night, Hubs took me to Twelve Oaks Restaurant for a VIP birthday dinner, complete with romantic piano music playing softly in the background and a special birthday dessert topped with one tiny, white candle.

Sunday, which was my actual birthDAY, I went to my sister's first Origami Owl party and I bought myself more birthday presents!

At our 2nd Thunder game of my birthday weekend on Sunday night, because I had  tweeted and tagged my Friday night photo with the hashtag #WeAreThunder, it was chosen to be shown on the jumbo-tron screen in the arena...when I was out of my seat, taking my customary half time vaping break.

Hubs called me from our seats "Please tell me you just saw that!?!?" thinking I'd be crushed to miss such an event. I wasn't disappointed though...I was too busy counting my blessings on one of the best birthday weekends of my life.

I think I'm going to like my 52nd year!

Rose Marie B
Jumbo-Tron Star

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

I Got a Tablet, Yay?

I have a new tablet and I don't know what the hell I'm doing! I don't know how to use the has a double key feature but I can't figure out how to type the apostrophe from the x key.

Oh wait! You simply hold the key down longer than a normal keystroke and it types the alternative, YAY!!!

But to add photos to a blog post...I can't preview the blog post before publishing it or I have yet to discover that function, shit!

It seems I'm unable to place, size, or add captions to the photos I cannot see, damn!

Let's try it, thanks for helping me experiment. I mean really - it can't be any worse than publishing a blog with only the title, right? I attached 2 photos and now I can't remove them, once I changed my mind about them, WTF?!

Hubs believes in me; he bought this tablet to allow me to further my blogging ambitions but still I'm typing like a chimp wearing mittens, hell!

At least I can still type the curse words.

Rose Marie B
Tablet Virgin 

PS After much clicking and poking and more cursing, I had to copy the text of this post from the Blogger app for Android (that I have since uninstalled) then paste the text into the web version of Blogger that I logged into on Firefox, then I added one of the mystery photos, but I couldn't edit the text that I pasted from the memo app, then I published the post and logged off of my stupid ass tablet! I am now on my iPhone, adding this PS...I learned quite a bit tonight and now I'm too worked up to go to bed. Oy.