Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Organize 2015 Hits the Wall of Emotion

Day Three of my #Organize2015 project was 'free style Saturday'- there wasn't one particular closet to conquer but instead a day of doing laundry, changing beds, and gathering donation items.

4 bags for Goodwill, glorious sunshine pouring in through the window
On Day Four, Hubs made a trip to our local donation center while I made up the guestroom bed; my plan was to use it as a staging area for closet three. We pulled out some Batman memorabilia that would be relocated, Hubs chose a dozen ballcaps to add to the next donation bag (that was HUGE!) and then we hit the box.

School papers, baby books...the room got small, closing in on my memories and I couldn't go further, couldn't make a decision, couldn't wrap my heart around their childhood piled in a ratty old cardboard box or the fact that it was time to pack it up and hand over my treasures to the ones who created them.

"I can't do this today."  "It's okay honey, we can come back to it." And we will.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Organize 2015, Four Days Strong

I've persevered through four days of my #Organize2015 journey...4 days in a row!

Day two took me to our second smallest closet just inside the front door; where a few coats lived, mostly serving as a convenient black hole, perfect for the cramming of misfit stuff.

A stroller from grandgirl #1 (who is now almost 6 years old), extra shelving for our DVD storage unit (that my Mom constructed 4 years ago) and posters...SO many posters, collected with the purest intentions of framing.

We had a poster problem, clearly. 
After some digging, lots of shameful head shaking and some alcohol-induced laughs...the entryway closet has been restored to the glory of its original destiny, including a repurposed hanging shoe rack, filled with freshly washed gloves, scarves and beanies that we'd almost forgotten we owned.
Before and After is SO fun! 

 There may be hope for us after all, 

Rose, Queen of the Closets

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Organize 2015 Begins

 I started with the smallest closet but my first #Organize2015 project is done, woohoo!

From a catch-all mess to an organized linen/supply cache!

A Woman on a Mission