Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Leap Year with the Oklahoma Women Bloggers

Leap Year comes around almost every four years, how did you celebrate the bonus day this year? I registered a new company name in Oklahoma and filed for a federal tax id number! I went a little crazy by taking a leap for me.

I can't take all the credit or blame for this impetuous decision; it was the Oklahoma Women Bloggers who convinced me to do it. I attended their first mini-conference this weekend and they gave me the courage to invest in myself. Between their impressive speakers and nurturing pep talks, I believed enough in myself to crawl out of my recent personal and blogging funk.

Oklahoma_Women_Bloggers, Mini_Con, Swag
Conference Swag: Links to conference sponsors below.
"You do you" they waxed poetically. My silly entry in the caption contest won a bottle of wine, how fun is that? I met brilliant women bloggers of all genres and their camaraderie gave me permission to claim my own creative self. Inspired by their accomplishments, I was reassured of my own talents. There aren't many phrases more comforting or empowering than "me too."

Oklahoma_Women_Bloggers, Prize, Wine
A wine called Cupcake? Don't mind if I do. Thanks to Moore Liquor for this donation!
Oklahoma_Women_Bloggers, RoseMarieB, OKRoserock, selfie
Reflected in their confidence, I saw myself in a new light. We shared common goals and insecurities, so by the time we took our group photo, I felt my self-imposed isolation steadily fading away. We were a small group this year but I'm hopeful that'll change next year. I'll be there. I'll have stories to tell and accomplishments to share. They have no idea how much they saved me from myself...I'd almost quit believing. Thank you ladies!


Oklahoma_Women_Bloggers, Mini-Co, Sequoyah_State_Park
2016 Oklahoma Women Bloggers Mini-Con at Sequoyah State Park
Big thanks to the 2016 Oklahoma Women Bloggers Mini-Con sponsors:

Arkansas Women Bloggers (I loved meeting our conference Fairy Godmothers - Stephanie Buckley, Debbie Arnold, and Jackie Wolven)

Riceland Foods

Oklahoma Agritourism

Prairie Bloom Bodycare

Vacant Wheel

Dining With Debbie

Also a special thanks to Sequoyah State Park in Hulbert, Oklahoma for their cool bunkhouse and southern hospitality.

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Moving Forward: Oklahoma Women Blogger Conference!

In keeping with my 2016 #OneWord, FOWARD - I just registered to attend the first (and I hope annual) Oklahoma Women Bloggers Mini-Conference. I'm excited to connect with other women bloggers and learn more about moving forward with the development of my blogging skills and knowledge! Come join us, won't you?